Our industry is currently under attack right now. 

We wholeheartedly agree with regulation and ensuring that electronic cigarettes stay out of youth hands. However, the proposed costs and regulations to combat this proposed by the government will effectively kill the e-cig market and do not address the problems in this current climate. If this industry continues on the path it currently is vaping will effectively die as we know it and transition to a black market with no regulations or safety for our youth. We encourage all of our customers to become more active in fighting for our rights to honest news regarding vaping and regulations that will not kill our industry.

 Supporting this fight in any way will help. We encourage you to follow our Facebook page, call your local politicians, call the White House, engage with CASAA, and please share your stories about how vaping has changed your life. 

Vaping is 95% safer then smoking!
Please take a few minutes to learn a little about Vaping & Tobacco Harm Reduction.