Keep Vape Out of Schools

    Here at E-Cig Source we believe teen vaping is a public concern. We have developed a new education program to partner with parents and schools to help keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of our children and out of our schools. Vaping, while a viable solution for adults, can be dangerous to our children.  
    The 2018 Monitoring the Future survey from the University of Michigan show that over 37% of teens reported vaping within the past 12 months. We have personally found that teens are drawn to high nicotine devices such as the Juul. Juul pods have a strength of 50mg per mL. To put that in perspective the average full flavor cigarette has 18mg of nicotine.  
    Our program focuses on education and prevention. We can offer in-person staff training and educational materials to keep staff and parents up to date. Stealth devices are on the rise, such as a new product that looks almost identical to a fitness watch. Proper training to look out for these devices is essential to fighting the battle against teen vaping.

Below are some of the stealthy Vape devices on the market today to keep an eye out for:
    This device is a pod system. There are a few ways to identify this as a vape device. There will be a slot at the top for the mouth piece; this piece will also pull out of the device where you can see the E-liquid inside the pod. It will also have a small light indicator on the front that turns on when in use. There is USB port on the side of the older version and on the bottom of the Novo 2 to charge it. The Novo is offered in many colors!
    The Nord is also a pod system that has a small slick design that makes stealthy vaping easy. Keep in mind that with the lower powered devices such as this, the vapor is slim to none if the person using it holds their breath. Devices like the Nord make it easier for teens to vape on school grounds. This device is offered in many bold colors as well as a discrete black color.
    The SLM is unique with its very lightweight and slim design. Like other discrete vapes the SLM is easily used undetected. To identify this as a vape device you can see the top black piece will pull out and is where the E-liquid is filled. The front has a light indicator for battery life and when in use.  
    Juul is one of the most popular vape devices in our youth today! This device has pre filled pods that come in 2 packs or 4 packs. This is an inhale activated device. The JUUL has a light indicator on the front that will light up green, yellow, or red depending on the battery life. If shaken a rainbow color effect will appear on the light indicator. This device is very light weight and compact in size.
This is a vaping device that is designed to also act as a watch! In person this looks like a real fitness watch. A way to identify this product will be an ohm symbol on the top of the display screen. (Ohm icon will look like this Ω)
The vaping part of this watch will pop out when the side button is pressed. There will be a mouth piece where you inhale. 
    This is a common charger type for various electronic cigarettes on the market today. On one end there will usually be a USB connector and a threaded style port on the other end, some of the chargers may vary in style. The end that charges the battery will typically have a LED light indicator. Below are some examples of the batteries that use this charger.  
These style batteries can be offered in different sizes and color. They will have a button on them that fires the electronic cigarette and usually have a LED light on the button or around it. These batteries can be charged by a 510 charger but some may have a micro USB charge port. These batteries have a wide variety of uses to look out for. Regular vape tanks can be used with these style batteries as well as CBD cartridges and THC cartridges.   
There are a few ways to identify THC cartridges, smelling the cartridge can be one way to know as it should have a potent odor. Another way to recognize these cartridges would be to see how the liquid inside moves, THC liquid is very thick and will move very slowly. Sometimes the reservoir will be sticky or tacky feeling especially by the 510 connector. These can come in many different styles, colors, and shapes.  Keep in mind that these can be used on different style devices, the 650/1100 mah batteries above are a very common example. 
​Suorin air devices are made to be about the size of the palm of ones hand, very slim and lightweight. Like most all-in-one pod systems this e-cigarette has a micro USB port for charging and a light indicator. The top black portion of the device is the pod itself that contains e-liquid and can be pulled out.  
​The Drop has a similar operating concept as the Suorin Air, they just have a different look. The drop is shorter in height, rounded, and has more weight to it. Ultimately the best way to identify these would be the pod that is on top, look for e-liquid. Both the Suorin Air and Drop come in a huge variety of colors!   

This electronic cigarette unlike the other examples, is a disposable system. The STIG e-cig is designed to be small in size so it is a more stealthy device. There is a light indicator on the bottom of these devices and has an auto draw system so there is no button.  
Similar to the STIG, this device is disposable. Made to be small and compact for quick convenient way to vape. This device however is harder to recognize as an electronic cigarette due to the style. Unlike traditional mouth pieces this will just have what looks like two slits on the top. Keep an eye out for the colorful design.