Remember not to throw batteries in the trash!
They need to be disposed of properly. 
@ E-Cig source we will take any batteries or devices that need to be disposed of as a complimentary service. 

Or you can contact your local waste management on how to recycle batteries. 

With more and more people getting into vaping and using Mods that have removable batteries, most commonly 18650 batteries we would like to dedicate a page on our site to educate about battery safety.

This information can also be applied to regular e-cigs that do not have a removable battery.

Don't keep batteries in your pockets, especially loose change, keys or any metal. As if contact were to be made the battery can vent and leak battery acid while sparking.

Do: Keep your batteries in a approved battery case when not in use. @ all three e-Cig locations we carry battery cases so please pick one up if you plan on caring extra batteries.

Don't: Let the temperature of your battery reach a high temperature or super low temperature. I ideal temp for batteries is 59°F or 15°C
As we are cataloged in Florida, this means not leaving your batteries in your car!!

Do: Keep batteries at a recommended temperature of 59°F or 15°C and properly stored in a approved battery case, Device or dock charger.

Do: Keep your battery charger in a place where you can keep an eye on it

Don't: Use batteries with torn wrappers, missing insulators or dented on positive or negative.

Do:  If only the wrap is damaged, you can visit our shop and purchase battery wraps. 

Information on Batteries

Batteries eventually wear out, and need to be replaced every 3-6 months depending on use and battery quality. If your batteries are no longer hold a charge for as long as they are used to, it may be time to recycle them and pick up a new set. 

What is marrying batteries? 
This is the act of having sets of batteries that stay together. They are the same age, discharge together and charge together. Properly married batteries will improve not only the way your mod preforms but is a great way to improve safety.